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The purifying fire of paradox

Today I have been through a day of deep paradox and difficult feeling. Sometimes meeting such a juxtapositions openly can be like hitting two stones together which produces a kind of fire, by the light of that fire (of living paradox) we are able to see our patterns a little more clearly. Every such moment of grace born self honesty is a great blessing. Whenever we come to the edge of ourselves and meet the Timeless there, with all our trembling and insecurities laid bare, in those moments a deeper transformation of our humanity takes places, wherein the tender love of our Immortal Soul meets the ancient wound of our mortal humanity.

Awakening is Sudden, Deliverance is Gradual

Even in the living realization of the inherent Oneness of Being, many incongruent and "deeply seated" mental/emotional patterns may tend to remain, either lurking hidden "just" below the surface of the mind, or overtly present and fully operational, so easily dismissed or justified with a little philosophical shuffle. Yet, if one is to take the realization deeper, my feeling is that our entire psychosomatic structure needs to be purified and transformed utterly. While awakening is sudden and even in some sense total- at the level of Being. That realization, in no way implies a transformation of the entire human.   "Awakening is Sudden, Deliverance is Gradual"   - Ramesh S Balsekar.

Cover for the New REVISED Edition of The Dance of Stillness

I am pleased to announce that I have finalised the new cover design for the Dance of Stillness (revised edition) The cover was created in conjunction with CrowdSpring crowdspring where I ended up with 107 designs to choose from. Ultimately I chose the design created by David Litwin of purefusionmedia Presently I am just awaiting a CIP number from the national library of Australia, which will get the book into the library system. The books release and availability on Amazon should only be a few short weeks away