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Galen Sharp, Wei Wu Wei & Non-Volitional-Living

It's been a long while since I last updated this blog and the thought to do so, has been popping into my mind for a while now, so here goes!

I run a small publishing venture Tandava Press with my wife Natasha

The first book to be published was my own The Dance of Stillness

Well, recently we published "What Am I? A Study in Non-Volitional-Living" By American Author, Artist Galen Sharp.

I can't begin to express my gratitude for to the Universe for the gift that it has been, to both my wife and I, in being privileged to help bring this book into being.

Galen is a teacher, albeit, a reluctant one, of what is known as Advaita, or Non-Duality.

The word Advaita quite literally meaning Not-Two! The central thrust of the message in Galen's book is "You Are Not What You Think You Are", that we have a completely false idea (generally speaking), of who or rather what we-are! In Galen's book the reader is taken on a tremendous, life transforming journey of self discovery and profound disillusionment, as, though a series of powerful guided inner explorations and contemplations, (what Galen refers to as "Reality Meditations") the reader is invited to examine the notions, concepts and assumptions, we have all inherited from our cultural matrix, via our upbringing and to "undo" those false notions via "seeing directly-what actually is".

Anyhow, needless to say, working on this book with my wife has been a great boon, we have struggled over fine details, made endless mistakes and finally come to see the book into print, we even have a few happy customers!

Contemplating the profound message of "What Am I?" with Natasha, while undergoing the trial and error process of being fledgling publishers, raising a young baby (Grace), in the midst of all the hubbub of life and living, while undergoing financial hardship, was and is, spiritually fruitful indeed, as we were and are, faced directly, with what I like to call The Living Teaching, that is, Life Is Happening As It Is, like it or not, and it's that Happening of Life, the Happening of David, the Happening of Natasha, that is clearly not in "anyone's" control, mistakes happen, no one would "intentionally" make a mistake and likewise "good things" seem to just come "suddenly out of the blue" as it were and what's more, very often, what one may think, initially is a tragedy, turns out to be the best thing that could have happened!

So, where are we now, the struggle of typesetting, editing mishaps and cover design have all given way to the peace and joy of hearing from people who have "gotten the message" or who are at least finding some deep value in reading Galen's book! What a blessing that is, to have been part of bringing such a book into print!

We have recently relocated to the Mountains and are enjoying some long awaited serenity and simplicity, still broke, still making mistakes, yet appreciating that everything is happening as it must, including occasional mishaps, bad moods, or successes and those days where "everything seems to go just the way we had hoped it would"

Presently I hope to be able to find a translator for Galen's book, to help us bring it into being in another language, perhaps German! We shall have to wait and see how that all unfolds!

Okay, that's it for now!

God Bless

Om Shanti (Peace be with you)

David Rivers


Unknown said…
I would very much like to translate Galen's book from English to Dutch, however finding a Dutch editor could be an issue.

Philippe (Begium)

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