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Pain Bliss and the Eternal Now

Hello my friends Well it's the day before Christmas and I am confined to my bedroom and find myself in quite a bit of pain. A few days ago I took my daughter Zoe (7 yrs. old) for a horse ride. On the trail a huge tree fell right as we were riding by, it made a tremendous noise, like a gunshot, only louder (to my ears). The horses were spooked and suddenly all hell broke loose as the horses bolted. Little Zoe struggled to stay on as her horse (named spook ironically) galloped full pelt up a hill, Zoe suddenly came off and smashed into a tree. I was probably in shock and on top my own bolting horse (named Jerry) we flew by Zoe who lay on the ground screaming in pain, I dismounted my horse while it bolted at full speed and hit the ground hard, tumbled down a hill and suddenly a tremendous pain in my right foot. Running to Zoe the pain was almost unbearable, we huddled together on the ground, covered in scraps blood and dirt, it was a hot day. "This was the worst thing that
Coming Undone Once again life brings "the me concept" and its supposed "volitional power to do" undone. Each time this happens, I have a chance to open deeper to the revelation that "I am not that" Yet, this is the very situation the self improvement teachings seek to amend. The self improvement teachings never question the nature of the self that they propose to improve. Whereas the Advaita teachings simply ask us to look and see that we may not actually be the conditioned self we take ourselves to be. Its this conditioned self that "comes undone" in what I term The Living Teaching, meaning Life's unending dance of  change and transformation, wherein, if we are open and fortunate, we may come undone and loosing a foothold find ourselves free falling in endless wonder and awe.