Fundamental Realization: The Absolute Perfection and Rightness of All Things - Dr Richard Moss interview by David Rivers

Fundamental Realization: The Absolute Perfection and Rightness of All Things

Dr Richard Moss

I said, “Okay, if I have to realize a consciousness I don’t know, let me begin by identifying a consciousness that I do know.'”  So, it didn’t matter what the thought was – whether it was spiritually oriented or fear-oriented, or the emotion, the anxiety about what was happening to me – because it was very, very, … challenging. Perhaps I owe my ability to have gone through that experience because I had faced difficult challenges before, going through medical training and as a climber.  I had a very well developed will power.  But on the other hand maybe it was so challenging because I was so well developed in my mind.  And my mind wanted to understand and control everything.  But the recognition that a new consciousness couldn’t be the one I knew, meant that I just simply said, “That’s a thought.  That’s a feeling.  That’s an emotion.  That’s a sensation.”  And I just did that on and on.

I continued like this for days and nights, getting a little bit of rest from time to time.  And I had the support of a wonderful wise woman, who trusted that what I was experiencing was not mental illness, but some kind of profound psychic opening.  She was a Jungian psychoanalyst, and she recognized it immediately as something not within the normal range of anxiety.  And so she took me to her home, and created in it a kind of sacred space for me, and cancelled her other work, and left me alone but stayed available.  It was at her home that I was doing this process: “This is a thought.  This is an emotion. This is a thought that’s creating an emotion. This is an emotion that’s inviting a thought. This is sensation. This is perception.”  Just doing it – emptying myself – just, “This is, not a consciousness I don’t know.  This is a consciousness I do know.”gg  And that’s when I observed, suddenly, these two butterflies dancing in the air… and then landing on a branch, just above me, and… mating… and then parting from the mating… and the black one landed on my forehead.

When it landed on my forehead, my mind just…went empty. Suddenly, where there had been days and days of deep disturbance, there was silence.  And then gradually the silence became joy.  And the joy became a recognition of relationship and oneness with everything, the absolute perfection and rightness of all things. I realized that everything is perfect, and had always been perfect.

This went on for the rest of that day, from early in the morning all through the day.  That evening, my friend put on “The Hallelujah Chorus,” along with the rest of Handel's Messiah.  I lay down and listened to the music … and suddenly, I had the imagery of what that music was about. The valleys – which are the fearful, low places of self-identification – they are lifted up; the mountains and hills – the inflation, the grandiosity, the self-importance – are made low. You have to “make in the desert a highway for God.”  And I realized that there was an ancient tradition – an ancient understanding – of doing exactly what I had done by eliminating identification with thought, sensation, emotion, and feeling.


I realized that the song – all the music – was about what was happening to me.  “And who shall stand when He appears in the whole of His light, like refiner’s fire?”  So, whereas The Messiah is taken from lines from Isaiah and other prophets, it was speaking directly to me about the experience that I was having, and it was the experience of realizing whatever you want to call it. But in my process it was… I gave it a name at the time – it was Christ Consciousness – without any sense inside of me that I was Christ, or anything of the sort.  I also intuitively and instinctually knew that that was a universal consciousness, that it was available to everyone, that it was rarely realized, and that Christianity, and almost every offshoot of that original realization, of that original consciousness, was an interpretation by the old consciousness.  It was a misinterpretation, in that most of what we read, and most of what we hear in conventional religion is ordinary consciousness trying to understand a different dimension… that it has not yet experienced.  


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