God Alone Plays ALL the Roles, There Is Only THAT - Swami Shankaracharya interview by David Rivers

God Alone Plays ALL the Roles, There Is Only THAT 

Swami Shankaracharya

What could you say about the progress, or the process, of the awakened Shakti that happened in you during that period of time, between ‘67 and ‘81? Why was it so deep and powerful in you that it led to full realization? Certainly that doesn’t happen with everyone! 

One thing leads to another. A quest for answers led me to Guru Maharaj. That led me to Baba and then to Dhyanyogi. When I went back to India to see Dhyanyogi, I was going to start a 40-day anushthan in Uttarkashi, a time when you go into seclusion and do austerities. The night before it was to start, Anandamayi Ma manifested and said, “Don’t start this anushthan. Come and see me.”

In a vision she manifested? 

Yes, in meditation. So, I went to see Anandamayi Ma at her Kankhal Ashram. I arrived on the first day of the Adi Rudra Fire Yajna, one of her major life events. This yajna was being held for the stability of the earth. I stayed across the street in a small barren room on the Ganga and that evening during meditation had profound experiences with her. The next day when I went to her ashram, there were hundreds of people there. She called me up to wave arati to Her. It was a great honor. When I was waving the light, I felt energy jump from her body into mine. After that, things were stepped up significantly. 

After the completion of the Yajna, I remembered a previous suggestion Dhyanyogi had made—to go see Godavari Ma—so I went.

Who was she? 

Godavari Ma was a great woman saint who lived in Sakori, which is near Shirdi. On the train ride there, I was so blissed-out and in such an abstracted state, that when the stop was called, I jumped off the train, forgetting my bag and money. The train pulled away and I was left in India with nothing. 


Everything was stripped away, you might say. Which is when the Divine Mother revealed Herself. 

It was when you got off that train, that full awakening happened? 

Yes. I was on my way to see Godavari Ma, and everything was stripped away. There was no money. Nothing. Dhyanyogi had had something like a stroke and was very sick — some sort of illness no one could explain. It was after being with Anandamayi Ma, when I was en route to visit Godavari Ma, that I had this experience. The Divine Mother appeared in the forms of the Gurus I had been with—as Baba, as Dhyanyogi, as Anandamayi Ma—and then She appeared in my form. Then, she appeared in Her Form, which dissolved into formless Chitti Shakti. There was sparkling Consciousness inside, outside, everywhere. The realization was, There is only That. And it was That that had been working with me through these great beings, That which had appeared as these great beings. There is only That. The experience remains unbroken.


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