Initiation into Tantra — the Path of the Mother - Swami Shankaracharya interview by David Rivers

Initiation into Tantra — the Path of the Mother 

Swami Shankaracharya interview by David Rivers

Around that time, I was told of a Tantric Guru named Ramesh Moudgil who carries on the Divine Mother tradition. Even though I was having experiences of the Divine Mother and had been with these Kundalini Gurus, I’d never formally worshipped the Divine Mother and didn’t know any of Her sadhanas (spiritual practices.)

You had the realisation of the Mother, before you even… 


Really? Goodness! 

Yes. So, I went to visit Ramesh, took initiation from him, and started Mother sadhanas. He passed many esoteric mantras from the Tantric tradition. It was 1981. I’ve been with him ever since. While attending a program in Kullu, India, the Shakti jumped from my body into some swamis and they started getting kriyas (yogic movements.) They came over and prostrated. That’s when it all started. 

I went back to Dhyanyogi on Guru Purnima and told him about my experience of the Divine Mother and the Shakti jumping. He said, “You should trust in your realization and take on disciples. You have my blessing.” He also blessed the seed sound of the Divine Mother for me to give aspirants. 

Dhyanyogi was my meditation guru and Ramesh was my mantra guru. In 2000, Ramesh passed the lineage of the Divine Mother tradition to me, along with a special Guru mantra that was given to him by his Guru.


So three things come together here. One is the formal Divine Mother tradition, one is the Shaktipat tradition, and the other is the philosophical, integral teachings that are being presented.

So,  you got off the train, and you had that shift in your perception, the recognition that there is only That — that God Alone Is, that it’s all the Mother — but you still went on to continue learning? 

Yes, to study with Ramesh.


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