Meeting The Master – Radical Expansion - Master Charles Cannon

Meeting The Master – Radical Expansion

Master Charles Cannon

So now we’ve gone through your childhood experiences of the Divine Mother, which became more consistent, appearing in more and more normal circumstances. Then you met Muktananda. I’m wondering, how radically did your contact with Muktananda’s energy open up your own deepest-felt sense of yourself and life?


Well, quite radically, because Muktananda was the ultimate teacher; he was the living, eating, breathing, human embodiment of holistic, enlightening, liberated human experience. I had been well prepared. The Divine Mother had told me that the teacher was coming.  That’s what I had been prepared for, I didn’t know precisely in what form, but I knew the teacher was coming, the one who would answer all my questions and bring that kaleidoscope together.  

It wasn’t a surprise, but it was very impactful. It had to be impactful enough that I would drop everything and pursue it, which is exactly what I did. I had to go to the other side of the world to meet him.  I took a while to get there, but at quiet places along the way—a church, a holy man’s shrine, a mosque—always the guidance came.  It was usually her voice or the voice of the saint whose shrine I was visiting giving the same message: “Go to Muktananda; Muktananda will show you the way.” So, when I met Muktananda in person, there was no doubt whatsoever that it was where I belonged and would remain. 

Shortly after meeting him in person, I had a meditative visionary experience in which I was sitting in a room at a big table, like a conference table. There was a door opposite and through the door came Muktananda, followed by the Divine Mother. She was carrying a scroll. They unrolled it on the table and it was the blueprint of my life. She then instructed him on what I needed to be taught and what had to be done. We all agreed that this is what would happen and then it unfolded. Thus the path was always very clear to me.  

He was the model and I had to spend time with him to learn how to embody wholeness, how to be Source as a human being, and that I would have a similar destiny to his, which of course he always confirmed.  It was very impactful and still is. I continue to see him. It's not that such Masters die and are gone.  Death is just changing clothes and it's not a big deal in terms of the subtler dimensions of Consciousness, where forms of Consciousness continue their evolution. If you make yourself subtle, you can commune with them. Thus I have continuing connection and guidance.  

Muktananda was a radically enlightened human being and the state of Consciousness that he modeled was the ultimate. I had the ultimate model and I was thoroughly trained under his thumb and at the same time entrained by his wholeness that just meditated me.


What was the progression in your inner world? In other words, given that you were already so incredibly sensitive and already had an awareness of energy, how did Muktananda’s presence and Shakti influence your own state of being?


The word is amplitude.  Muktananda amplified the power to the most palpable level possible. It was a palpable, Sourceful, Divine, saturating presence, 24 hours a day. So amplitude is the word with Muktananda.  It made the experience constant and consistent. There were peaks and valleys within it, yet always a palpable and comprehensive wholeness that was amplified more and more, day-by-day.  It was like you were living in heaven. 

Many times I would think I needed to pinch myself: was this real?  It was like being time-warped, suspended in a heavenly, euphoric, divine experience. Everything was dripping with grace and bliss. Vibrating consciousness, bliss, pleasure, and euphoric states. There’s nothing else that has any importance, yet periodically you say 'Wow, is this real?’ You know? But of course, every time I pinched myself, it was real.


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