Mother Reveals the Essence of the Four Yogas - David Spero interview by David Rivers

Mother Reveals the Essence of the Four Yogas

David Spero

 So, what shifted?

The shift was a movement beyond advaitic Oneness into the ferocious aspect of the Divine Mother Consciousness. It was about Kali standing on the head of Shiva, about energy conquering detachment. It was about my total, irreversible transformation into the Mother. I learned to look out of Her eyes. 

Odd things happened. Once I looked at a photograph of an avatar. Across her forehead passed many faces. I was totally captivated. All were Indians, some with shaved heads, and others with beards – men and women, one after the other. Mother commented that they were all my gurus from the past and that I had gone beyond them.  As you can see, Mother-Kali became my Supreme Guru. 

Kali tutored me through each of the four yogas described in classical Hinduism. She first instructed me to wash my tile floor. While washing it I dissolved into Pure Consciousness. Mother-Kali confirmed that this was the fulfilment of Karma Yoga, to become one with God while performing action. Next She suggested that I ask questions about anything I desired. So I asked: ‘Which is the higher path, knowledge or devotion?’ She replied, and then I asked another question and received Her answer. After doing this three or four times my mind evaporated, and only Consciousness remained, spotless and transcendental. I experienced Jnana Yoga. Through question-and-answer and discrimination I had attained the Supreme State. She then instructed me to sit down and meditate. I sat in my chair and sank into a very deep meditation. Consciousness lifted out of my head and merged into the Self. I had transcended into the Absolute. Then consciousness descended through the head to reanimate the body. She indicated this to be the fulfilment of Raja Yoga, the “royal” yoga of meditation. To experience Bhakti Yoga Mother invited me to weep for the Divine. I wept in agony to be one with God. As I wept my whole being filled with Pure Consciousness and I dissolved into the root of feeling. My emotional body dissolved into bliss. Emerging from that sublime state Kali affirmed that I had mastered Bhakti Yoga along with all the others. I had accomplished every yoga. Actually it was She who accomplished them through me.

She went on to communicate that I could take anyone to God. Astoundingly, She insisted that I took birth in an avatar-like state. This was news to me, this avatar thing. It was not something I readily accepted. In fact, I rebelled. I thought I was just hallucinating, going mad, but She kept drilling this into me until I was utterly worn out and exhausted, until I no longer had the energy to resist. I had to accept my place in the Divine Mother Consciousness whether I liked it or not.

(Laughs) I love it! You relate all of this to me with a kind of childlike innocence that is just… it's just breathtaking. (Laughs) I hope you don’t mind me giving my natural response. I think you deserve…

Just say whatever you’re feeling.  

You deserve to have my natural response. It’s beautiful, very beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me. 



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