The Path - David Spero interview by David Rivers

The Path

David Spero

Could you tell me about your spiritual awakening?  That is, when did you first encounter the forces of consciousness that started to reveal to you what is beyond egoic consciousness?  

My process of awakening began when I was a senior in high school. On April 26, 1975, in Providence, Rhode Island, I was initiated into an East Indian form of spiritually activated meditation. It was mantra based. That’s when my spiritual life really began.

On the day I was initiated, I experienced the Transcendental Reality with remarkable clarity. For the first time in my adult life I penetrated the source of thought, the silence existing beyond the mind. From that moment on, I knew I would continue practising this form of meditation until awakening dawned. 

After about one and a half years of regular meditation I began to experience the witness, which is described in classical Hindu literature as a major stage of awakening. A life beyond the superficial ego was revealed to me. Spiritual breakthroughs occurred on a daily basis. It was amazing. For about three years I lived established in the witness-position during waking, dreaming and sleep. A permanent state of detachment arose. The entire movement of my life tilted dramatically, and ecstatically, into the Transcendental Reality.

As I continued to meditate I spent more and more time in samadhi during meditation. In the late winter of 1979, meditation climaxed into nirvikalpa samadhi. I exited the top of my head and merged into the Absolute. My Self reigned supreme. I continued to meditate regularly. I even extended the duration of my meditations after nirvikalpa samadhi. I yearned for a deeper and more ecstatic spiritual union. Nirvikalpa samadhi, the witness consciousness and Self-realization all seemed incomplete. I was hungry for the impossible, the incomprehensible. 

As we speak, something is happening in consciousness. Consciousness is activating. I am not merely conveying information. I want you to understand that. I am talking in consciousness, about consciousness, to consciousness, not merely from “me” to “you.” 


We may be engaging in a dualistic conversation—there’s the “me” and the “you,” and they want to get to know each other—but for me, there is no separation. I really mean that. There’s just consciousness.


Let’s continue to dwell on consciousness. Let’s invite consciousness into this moment. It’s possible to share the deepest form of intimacy without control or manipulation; by just flowing into feeling, the dawning of non-dualistic awareness blossoms. 

It’s perfectly natural to begin speaking on a dualistic plane. Even though there’s always a moon it has different phases. It comes out full on certain days of the month. It's not as if the moon ceases to be the moon by going into lesser phases of its own radiance. I use duality as a stepping stone in my teaching, not as an evil to be conquered. It’s simply a part of “what is.” That is my way, the way of the Mother. 


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