Visions of God as Mother—The Apparition - Master Charles Cannon

 Visions of God as Mother—The Apparition

Master Charles Cannon


The experience of the apparition, could you tell me more about the nature of that occurrence? You said there was an energetic presence and vibration that you felt within. As well as experiencing the apparition to be an objective phenomenon, was the apparition completely conscious? Even more conscious than a normal human being, perhaps?


Absolutely, yes.


You could interact…




Eyes open, speaking…


Yes, just like another human being standing there, albeit translucent so that you could clearly distinguish that it wasn’t as dense as another human being. All the subtle dimensional luminosity and the ethereal qualities of mystical apparition were actualized. 

Usually the energetic vibration came first; I would sense the energy, the vibration that was expansive and similar to what I experienced in church. As a young child you go into a church and it's quiet and peaceful, and you sense that energetic vibration. What I experienced was like the church coming to me. 

Then it would increase into a saturating peace and with it would come fragrances. Always the fragrances of roses and gardenias. And then the celestial sounds, like the tinkling of glass wind chimes and a very ethereal-sounding music. Again, just slowly saturating the environment. Then it would coalesce into the apparition and she would appear. 


So, your sense of it was that the peaceful energy “itself” formed into the Mother?


Yes. She emerged from within it. The energy came first, then the form, and then the form would leave and the energingy would slowly dissipate. It continues in this way even today. It has never stopped. As a child, I was more separate from it.  Progressively, I’ve become more merged with it. It is always available, always guiding, always that very palpable divine presence and guidance.


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