Introduction: Liberation Through Kali’s Fierce Grace - David Spero interview by David Rivers

Introduction: Liberation Through Kali’s Fierce Grace David Spero T his was to be my first meeting with David Spero. Until this point we had spoken on the telephone and corresponded via e-mail. I was moved to include David’s unique story in this book after reading his own account of a powerful spiritual awakening in his book Beyond the place of laughter and tears in the land of devotion, which I found to be lucid, insightful, and deeply inspiring.  After undergoing a series of profound spiritual awakenings, he found himself living spontaneously in full awareness of pure nondual consciousness, within which the fathomless energy of Shakti radiated endlessly in an ecstatic mystical condition of cosmic embrace. Remarkably, while in this highly evolved yogic state David suddenly found his nervous system being invaded by an intensely active feminine presence, a presence David refers to as Kali or simply the Mother. This deity-like manifestation usurped the functioning of his psychosomatic a

The Birth of a New Sensitivity to Energy - Dr Richard Moss Interview by David Rivers

S o, I already knew how to see and sense and feel energy fields.  I had been aware of energy – I had been taught about that, for a few years, through another teacher of mine, Brugh Joy. I could sense energy fields. I could scan the body for abnormalities in energy fields. I was aware of that. But I didn’t understand what it was like to be one with everything, connected with everything. After that butterfly experience, the energy awareness was even stronger.  I could feel people’s minds move.  I could not read their minds, but it seemed that what I said was an extension of what they were thinking.   I also saw that when I was the most vulnerable and my heart was broken open, and I reached toward where the other was, to acknowledge to them where they were, that it had an incredibly profound effect upon people… that it literally just opened their hearts.  They fell in love.  And so they began to study with me .   But it only worked that way if I was not involved with me.  If I was afraid

Fundamental Realization: The Absolute Perfection and Rightness of All Things - Dr Richard Moss interview by David Rivers

Fundamental Realization: The Absolute Perfection and Rightness of All Things Dr Richard Moss I said, “Okay, if I have to realize a consciousness I don’t know, let me begin by identifying a consciousness that I do know.'”  So, it didn’t matter what the thought was – whether it was spiritually oriented or fear-oriented, or the emotion, the anxiety about what was happening to me – because it was very, very, … challenging. Perhaps I owe my ability to have gone through that experience because I had faced difficult challenges before, going through medical training and as a climber.  I had a very well developed will power.  But on the other hand maybe it was so challenging because I was so well developed in my mind.  And my mind wanted to understand and control everything.  But the recognition that a new consciousness couldn’t be the one I knew, meant that I just simply said, “That’s a thought.  That’s a feeling.  That’s an emotion.  That’s a sensation.”  And I just did that on and on. I

The Breakdown of the Perceptual Matrix - Dr Richard Moss Interview by David Rivers

  The Breakdown of the Perceptual Matrix Dr Richard Moss O kay, so how many years ago was it now, that this change in your state of consciousness that you speak about, took place? It was 1977.  I was 30.   What was occupying your consciousness in that general period of your life? When I looked back at the time and asked myself, “Why did this happen to me?” I thought about it in many different terms. But one scientific model that could act as a metaphor is the notion for which Ilya Prigogine got the Nobel Prize. It was his dissipative structures concept, which says that certain systems, when you add energy to them, will break down and degenerate into chaos, while other systems will organize into a way of handling more energy than before.  So, a new pattern emerges that can handle much more energy than before.  At least, that was my way of understanding it…  I had been living at full tilt.  I was doing emergency-room medicine, and clinical adult medicine, in my clinic and at a hospital. 

Introduction: Embodying Consciousness in Relationship - Dr Richard Moss Interview by David Rivers

Introduction: Embodying Consciousness in Relationship Dr Richard Moss R ichard Moss is an M.D., an intrepid explorer of consciousness, and a person of profound intellect who embodies a deep compassion. After undergoing a spontaneous mystical awakening on his thirtieth birthday, Richard left his medical practice to explore working with groups of people interested in opening to more profound levels of aliveness and relatedness. For Richard, the word Consciousness is synonymous with the word Relationship , an insight that is at the core of his teaching and his awakening. Wondrously, a short while after Richard's initial energetic opening, during a period of retreat at a friend's home while sitting in the garden, Richard observed two butterflies mating, a black one and a white one. When they ended their merry dance and parted, one of the butterflies (the black one) flew toward Richard and alighted on his forehead. At that precise moment, the energetic opening that had taken hold of

Meeting The Master – Radical Expansion - Master Charles Cannon

Meeting The Master – Radical Expansion Master Charles Cannon S o now we’ve gone through your childhood experiences of the Divine Mother, which became more consistent, appearing in more and more normal circumstances. Then you met Muktananda. I’m wondering, how radically did your contact with Muktananda’s energy open up your own deepest-felt sense of yourself and life?   Well, quite radically, because Muktananda was the ultimate teacher; he was the living, eating, breathing, human embodiment of holistic, enlightening, liberated human experience. I had been well prepared. The Divine Mother had told me that the teacher was coming.  That’s what I had been prepared for, I didn’t know precisely in what form, but I knew the teacher was coming, the one who would answer all my questions and bring that kaleidoscope together.   It wasn’t a surprise, but it was very impactful. It had to be impactful enough that I would drop everything and pursue it, which is exactly what I did. I had to go to the o

Visions of God as Mother—The Apparition - Master Charles Cannon

  Visions of God as Mother—The Apparition Master Charles Cannon   T he experience of the apparition, could you tell me more about the nature of that occurrence? You said there was an energetic presence and vibration that you felt within. As well as experiencing the apparition to be an objective phenomenon, was the apparition completely conscious? Even more conscious than a normal human being, perhaps?   Absolutely, yes.   You could interact…   Absolutely.   Eyes open, speaking…   Yes, just like another human being standing there, albeit translucent so that you could clearly distinguish that it wasn’t as dense as another human being. All the subtle dimensional luminosity and the ethereal qualities of mystical apparition were actualized.  Usually the energetic vibration came first; I would sense the energy, the vibration that was expansive and similar to what I experienced in church. As a young child you go into a church and it's quiet and peaceful, and you sense that energetic vibra