My Own Journey with Kundalini

My Own Journey with Kundalini 

Many years ago, I found myself walking into a small upstairs room in a quiet suburb of Melbourne Australia to meet a man who, I had heard, had undergone a deep awakening into the unitive dimension of being. That man was Master Charles

Through a series of seeming coincidences (I had been interested in brainwave entrainment sound technology and Kundalini awakening) I had been led to this room, and with great anticipation I awaited his entry. 

Up until this point in my spiritual journey I had been an ardent reader of teachers such as Jiddu Krishnamurti and Nisargadatta Maharaj, along with various Christian mystics such as St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. More recently, I had been introduced to the late Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, and Baba Muktananda. Needless to say, I had high expectations. 

When Master Charles entered the room, I observed him closely; he seemed to sway like a drunken elephant and moved very slowly. He was wearing what appeared to be a silk monk’s garment (I would later learn that this was a gift to him from his guru, the late Baba Muktananda). 

Master Charles Cannon with Baba Muktananda

My mind was not at all impressed by any of this, for my image of an awakened sage was that he or she would be beyond image consciousness, simple and ordinary. Master Charles seemed to be full of a sense of theatre and show. I sat disappointed, reviewing in my mind the great expense I had now accrued in getting to this disappointing meeting. A fake, I thought. 

I was in this state of total disillusionment, and free from expectation that anything might happen, when Master Charles started to casually gaze around the room (he still hadn’t spoken). 

I was seated toward the back of the room, and when his gaze met mine, something happened that was outside of time and space. Suddenly a deep intuitive awareness of the essential oneness of Consciousness arose within my heart. A direct, tacit, wordless understanding that Consciousness is not personal but universal. 

Like dry leaves caught in a swift strong wind, I could feel all prior conditioning based on separation crumble, and the tension that goes with it dissolve in a flash of timeless understanding. 

What happened next came totally out of the blue; I felt a subtle sensation within the region of my chest, almost as if a cork had been popped and vast waves of Love began surging within my being. These waves just kept on coming, arising from somewhere deep within my own Self, and as they flowed, my whole being was saturated in Love. 

Suddenly it occurred to me that this Love was flooding the whole universe, filling and sustaining all and everything. At that recognition, my mind lost its hold, and I melted totally in the recognition that there is enough love within each of us for all of us. There is no shortage of Love. The universe is filled with it, and it is us.

I sat immersed in Love for the remainder of the program, literally swimming in a sea of Love and energy. I felt certain that I had come to meet this Divine Presence that animated all of Life and not a separate person. 

Though I understood and recognized that what Master Charles and all of us really are IS this animating Presence, and that this Presence was awake to itself through Master Charles. 

David Rivers interviews Galen Sharp about his book "What Am I? A Study in Non-Volitional-Living"

"What Am I? A Study in Non-Volitional-Living"

Explores a variety of subjects such as science, philosophy, quantum physics and even some of the ancient masters in quest of a higher way of knowing the world and ourselves.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Galen Sharp is a sculptor and author. In the 1970's he began a correspondence with the brilliant and enigmatic non-duality sage Terrence Stannus Gray, who wrote under the name Wei Wu Wei, that was to last several years. His teaching was to completely transform Galen's worldview and life. This book is the fruit of Wei Wu Wei's influence on a young seeker after truth. 

Galen's book on Google

Relationships and Non Duality - Reflections on Jesus, and His Teachings

Reflections on Jesus and his Teachings

From His own direct Revelation of the Oneness between Himself, God and all of His brothers and sisters. Which for Jesus clearly included the whole of humanity, Everyone, no matter what Their role or status in the community.

His Revelation or enlightenment, showed Him 'directly' that "God is Love". What does it matter the quibbles and arguments, anyone can find fault with anything. There is nothing special or of any merit in that. It may get you some attention, yes! 

Maybe make one feel a little clever. But to overlook such profound teachings in order to "get one up" on someone, or feel clever or superior is really not a virtue. 

Jesus's message and teachings are so profoundly revenant, no one else (virtually no one) has taught and demonstrated such a powerful embodiment of Non-Dual Vision, in the context of daily life and human relationships.

"My Father and I are one" 

 "My Kingdom is not of this world" 

"Love your neighbor as yourself" 

"What you do to the least of these you to do me".


These statements bring the Vision of Non-Duality into full Embodiment, in our actual lives and Relationships. 

Most teachings, even the greatest wisdom traditions seek to "transcend" the world, in-order-to attain liberation. Yes, Jesus's teachings did urge us to "Seek the Kingdom of Heaven" before anything else. 

Yet, Jesus also "seeded" in Humanity, the unique Vision embodied in His unique form of Prayer, where He advised us to pray: "Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it is Heaven" and "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others" also in His statements such as "Love one another as I have loved you". Thus, bringing Heaven into-the-world, rather than escaping the world to attain Heaven, or Nirvana. 

This is a radical and utterly profound Vision, which can completely transform ones vision and understanding of what "Spiritual life" is and he offered or demonstrated a "very natural" spiritual path. More than a path, that seeks a destination of personal liberation, it is a way of being, a way of living that is in alignment with our deepest nature. Which he demonstrated and which he passionately, risking His very life gave Testament too. The Way and the Outcome are Synonymous, they can be summed up in two words "Unconditional Love". 

This is why, after all these years, I am still a Catholic. As a child I was blessed with many direct encounters with Jesus and his grace. His way of living, which is a Way of living as Love, is a way that by virtue of its essence inherently dissolves the "self" through action, not only in or via meditation and prayer, which He also wholeheartedly endorsed, but as well in His gifting of both teaching and His fully "demonstrating that teaching in action". 

Demonstration is highest form of teaching. "Be in the world but not of the world" i.e. Pay your bills, have family, get a job, but don't be hypnotized into thinking this world can offer you completion, fulfillment, love, happiness or least of all Divine Union with the Infinite. 

People have misinterpreted his message "Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven and All else will be added to you" and for profit, turned it into a perfect meal for the ego, known as "The Secret". We are told, "you can get anything you want", as if getting what you want will lead to anything but a strengthening of desire. (Very helpful in selling the next book, though) It honestly sickens me to see "The Secret" it's nothing but black magic and it totally misuses a Divine Principle (inherent in the Universe, which is itself inherently Divine)- and distorts it and uses it for the egos purposes. 

To my way of thinking and my vision of the world, after a lot of observation and exploration of the worlds great spiritual traditions and meetings with many deeply authentic awakened teachers, over a 23 year period. I personally feel Jesus is the highest and most pertinent teacher for the 21st century and for the Western Mind. 

The "Christ" (which He was an incarnation of ) has also incarnated in many other Avatars, (both male and female), such as Krishna, Anandamayi Ma, Meher Baba to name but a few. However I personally feel, Jesus offers the clearest, the simplest and the "Most Potent Teaching" and "Demonstration" available for the West. 

Jesus the Christ is routinely scorned and mocked in our present culture. However, Christ is "Right-Now" Fully and Always Available to us. Christ is Always HERE, Always NOW. This Christ Consciousness is also our very own True Nature.

To finish up, "trust your intuition", there are many great living teachers and the Inner Christ is always available within each human being, no matter what they have done, no matter the crime, even murder, rape, the most horrible crimes. Christ does not see these, He only sees the Love in you. Christ regards all that seems to happen in the world exactly as a dream, that upon awakening is of ZERO consequence. Finally God Alone is and His Grace is Everything. Many are the ways. God is one, known as the Divine Mother, as the Tao, as Jesus, as the Almighty, as Shiva, God knows all religions are but paths made by men, to guide others, yet any Religion will be based on someone's path, their experience and your experience is your own, utterly unique, perfectly designed by God, with total and infinite Love and intelligence, "everything happens for the best" - Except in the ego's judgement. 


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